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www Interactive Multipurpose Server
at wims.univ-cotedazur.fr
Public Mirror Sites

Here are the other WIMS sites known to be open to the general public. If you use WIMS regularly in your work, we suggest that you bookmark at least some of these addresses, so that if your favorite site becomes temporarily unavailable, you would not see your work disrupted.
Site Location Country Supported
wimsauto.universite-paris-saclay.fr Université Paris-Saclay France fr.gif en.gif cn.gif es.gif it.gif  
wims.matapp.unimib.it Università di Milano--Bicocca Italy it.gif en.gif fr.gif es.gif  
wims.unicaen.fr Caen University France en.gif fr.gif cn.gif es.gif it.gif nl.gif  
wims.institutbaixpenedes.cat Institut Baix Penedès. El Vendrell Spain ca.gif en.gif fr.gif es.gif it.gif nl.gif  
wims.univ-savoie.fr Université de Savoie France fr.gif en.gif nl.gif it.gif es.gif cn.gif  
wims-deq.urv.cat Universitat Rovira i Virgili. Tarragona Spain ca.gif en.gif fr.gif es.gif it.gif nl.gif cn.gif  

If you have a WIMS installation and want it to be listed here, please write to .

WIMS is a software which can be freely downloaded and can be installed on Linux operating systems. Please see the README file for more details on how to install WIMS.

This page is not in its usual appearance because WIMS is unable to recognize your web browser.
In order to access WIMS services, you need a browser supporting forms. In order to test the browser you are using, please type the word wims here: and press ``Enter''.

Please take note that WIMS pages are interactively generated; they are not ordinary HTML files. They must be used interactively ONLINE. It is useless for you to gather them through a robot program.