Additive figures --- Introduction ---

This module contains for the time being 29 visual training activities of arithmetics (addition, substraction), which can be considered either as exercises or recreations.
These are all ``drag & drop'' activities, consisting of placing numbers or expressions into a picture, with geometric conditions on theirs sums. The first number in the list indicates the number of objects to place. With a wide variation of styles and difficulty levels in order to meet various requirements.

7: H

7: Bow tie

9: M

5: V

9: W

7: Asterisk

8: Square

5: Cross

7: Cube

9: Square + diagonals

9: Four squares

8: Grill

8: House

~10: Pentagon

~10: Pentagram

7: Pizza 3

9: Pizza 4

3: Pyramid I

5: Pyramid Ib

7: Pyramid Ic

9: Pyramid Id

6: Pyramid II

9: Pyramid IIb

~10: Pyramid III

6: Stool

8: Three squares

5: Bow tie

6: Triangle

6: Two squares

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