Writing Descriptions --- Introduction ---

This module has 16 exercises at levels B1+ and B2 (according to the Common European Framework for Languages).

The learner is introduced to how to write vivid descriptions. These exercises aim to give practice in writing longer sentences which include adverbs, adjectives or compound nouns with the correct word order; to teach and practice vocabulary that can be used in descriptions: for example adjectives to describe character, vocabulary to describe sound, light, touch and sight.

It is recommended that you use the exercises in the order A to P, however it is also possible to select only a few of the exercises to work on.

I. The Chinese zodiac

  1. :

J. Sounds

K. Listen to the sounds

L. Write the words describing the sound

/ /

O. Use the words for light, touch, sight


P. Optional Homework: Writing a description

Find a photograph or picture and write a description of what you can see and what feelings the picture evokes for you. You can relate your writing to some memory you have. Make your description as vivid as possible. Bring your homework together with the picture to class

N. Collocations: words to describe light

/ /

A. Writing vivid descriptions

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B. Word order

/ /

D. Ordering adjectives an nouns

h :

E. Adjectives to describe character

F. Character adjectives and meaning

/ /

G. Character adjectives and connotation

/ /

H. Character adjectives in context

/ /

M. Words for light, touch, sight

C. Word categories

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