English for economy and management (1) --- Introduction ---

This module is made up of 3 articles, with a set of about 10 exercises each, representing a total of 32 exercises.
It could interest English teachers and anyone working on societal issues with their students.

The articles presented here are:

Fleet Street 01 - facts

Fleet Street 02 - True False

Fleet Street 03 - People and Roles

Fleet Street 04 - Keywords

Fleet Street 05 - Collocations

Fleet Street 06 - Prepositions

Fleet Street 07 - Connectors

Fleet Street 08 - Phrasal Verbs

Fleet Street 09 - Verb Tense and Form

Fleet Street 10 - Passive Voice

Fleet Street 11 - Comprehension Quiz

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Gig Economy 01 - Definition

Gig Economy 02 - True False

Gig Economy 03 - Vocabulary

Gig Economy 04 - Antonyms

Gig Economy 05 - Sentence building

Gig Economy 06 - Vocabulary

Gig Economy 07 - VerbPrep Collocations

Gig Economy 08 - Passive Voice

Gig Economy 09 - Listening Comprehension

Gig Economy 10 - Comprehension Quiz

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A Price to Pay 01 - Listening Comprehension

A Price to Pay 02 - True False

A Price to Pay 03 - Matching

A Price to Pay 04 - Key Words

A Price to Pay 05 - Verbs

A Price to Pay 06 - Vocabulary

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A Price to Pay 07 - Prepositions

A Price to Pay 08 - Verb Tense and Form

A Price to Pay 09 - Passive Voice

A Price to Pay 10 - Sentence Re-ordering

A Price to Pay 11 - Comprehension Quiz

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