Search Engine Help

This search engine allows a keyword search.
You may also use the link Other browsing methods for an overview of available teaching materials.

Keyword search

For a list of teaching materials concerning a given theme or level, choose the resource type the default search language and enter a keyword or click on the Search button.
You can enter a word such as graphics for topic search or a level name such as levelU1 to search by level. The search engine compares these words to the keywords defined by the authors of teaching materials.

If you enter multiple words, you get the union of all teaching materials associated with each entered word.

Resource Type
The type WIMS activities includes all teaching materials except Quick popup tools and Sheets of exercises
The type Interactive exercises includes all exercises, in particular Classified exercises (OEF)
For type Quick popup tools you must enter a keyword otherwise no answer is provided.
Default search language
The search engine looks for teaching materials in all languages. When a resource is available in several languages, only one version is displayed, choosing in priority if possible:
  1. the version of your chosen "default search language"
  2. the english version
  3. one of the languages available for the resource.
Address of a teaching material

If you already know the address of a WIMS teaching material, as E4/grammar/, you may enter it in the search engine.

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