Vector shoot --- Introduction ---

This is a visual exercise on the linear combination of vectors (linear algebra): given a set of vectors v 1,...,v k and a set of scalars a 1,...,a k, the linear combination

u=a 1v 1+a 2v 2+...+a kv k

is a vector.

Therefore the exercise gives you the vectors v i 2 described graphically in a figure, as well as the concrete values of the coefficients a i. And you are asked to click on the point in the figure which you think is the end of the vector u (a shot).

At the end of a session composed of several shots, you will be given a score computed according to the average precision of your shots during the session.

The difficulty of the exercise varies with the choices of several parameters.

You may also go to the exercise by a simple choice of the level of difficulty.

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