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Parabolic trough made easy

An easy source of cheap and abundant energy

Sample of Parabolic trough

Solar energy is omnipresent. Once you have an economical and practical tool to collect it, you have a cheap and abundant energy source.

Parabolic trough is a concentrating solar collector. It is there since many years, generating electricity in solar power plants. It has just been a bit too expensive to compete with fossil fuels, and a bit too big to enter into everyone's home. Why?

We have modified its design into a redressable collector that is cheap enough to beat all fossil fuels, simple enough to be home made using basic hand tools, small enough to sit on rooftops and wallfronts, while improving the performance for efficient power generation.

Sceptic? Build it yourself, or just buy one and try it (available soon). Carefully built, even homemade solar collectors can serve you for years and save you a lot of money.

The solar collector is the first step of an ambitious project to replace fossil fuels quickly and painlessly. Also included in the project is a thermal storage device using recycled glass, a thermoelectric power generating unit, and a pipe insulation method for building a home energy center, before more advanced steps with solar power plants and renewable fuel production.

If the new solar technology interests you, either for doing business, for reducing CO2 emissions, or just for fun, you are welcome.