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This is the main site of WIMS (WWW Interactive Multipurpose Server): interactive exercises, online calculators and plotters, mathematical recreation and games

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wimshomeabcd 4.20

WIMS is up-to-date!

Since 2020-07-06, this WIMS server has been updated to 4.20.

Please pay attention to flush you Browser cache to enjoy this new version !

Olivier, server administrator.

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WIMS Home Site: http://wims.unice.fr/ Source codes


, 㵥ʵļ, ,
ƴͼ, 򻬶ָɰ塣.
, ʽ, , ,...
˷, ǵij˻(ʽ)ֵ.
, ߻ķŴ, μתĶ.
ӷֽ, ֽͶʽ.
ת, ͬת.
, , , ͼʾ, ˻...
, ԲͬѰ.
˭һ, .
ͼ⺯, f(x)ʶ f(-x) ͼ, ȵȡ.
, ָԭġ
ͼ, ʶĵͼ.
Bezout, շת, , С, Bezout ϵ.
Fourier-Laplace, Fourier / Laplace 任.
ʽ, ҳʽ.
ֱͼ, ʾĴֱͼ.
, ṹġ.
ֱ۸˹Ԫ, һһ˹Ԫ.
ת, ƽתġ.
ƽ, ڸƽϵ.
Բ̨, Բ̨ϵķ.
δ, ε.
ħ, ħı.
Q-Puzzle, puzzle bas sur transformation affine sur un corps fini.
, ʵд.
ѡֱ, ̻ͨͼ,ʶֱߡ
, ޻֮.
OEF , ϰ.
ͼ, ʶͼ.
OEF , ڱϰ.
Ӧ, ӳ䶨ֱϰ.
OEF Է 2x2, ڻԷ 2x2 ϰ
ѡη, ʶζʽͼΡ.
λ, ƽλƵ.
, ڲͬҳһӿռĻ.
, 2ά.
Բѡ, ԲȷԲ, 򷴹.
·, ̵·ӵ㡣.
ѡ, ڸҳӿռĻ.
ͼ, f g ʶͼ f(x)+g(x) ȡ
˻, һ֪󽻻ľ
2 ά, ҳƽߵ߻.
ͽ, ҳѸߵѱƽ.
, ø˹ԪòԷ.
ͼ, Ӧjavaͼ
ֲ, ѷֽнСĸķ֮.
ƽ, ֽΪƽ֮.
̩, ̩չʽĴ.
ʽ, ݺֵҳʽ.
, : , ҳӦĦ
Դ, һԱ任µ.
ֵļ, ֵļϰ
, дһһµ.
ԭͼ, ijһ׵ͼ, ԭ. Ҫõjava.
󡢼С, ڼ󡢼СֵĶϰ.
ȵ, һʹнС.
, ҳӦ.
, ͼ̩չʽ.
ѡ, Ӳʶֵ.
ռ, ܷռ?.
ϳ, ͨ꺯ͼʶ.
ֽ, ֽһϺ.
ϲ, ʹ΢ֵָ.
, 볤ɱҳѵı.
Ƿֽ, ѾֽǾǾij˻.
ӿռ, ӿռ䵽ָά.
󷽳, 󷽳.
ԳƷֽ, дһԳƾһԳƾʹǵĺΪһ
΢ַ, ΢̵ַͼϰ.
ϱ任, 2D״任Ϊһ״.
, ͼҳ.
ƽ̹, ѺʹһΪС.
Ѱ, Һĸ.
ƶǴ, ǵ˶켣̫λ(Ҫjava).
ڼ, ڵģʽʹõĶ;һʽ.
, DzԼҳ.
°ͺ, żд֮.
Ӿ4D, ʱ 4 άռﻭ.
3Dͼ, ù߸ټ̱ʾĹ⻬ռͼ.
̫ܲɼ, ̫ܲɼƲ
, ͨƶ.
ͼ, ͼֵл.
ж, ()Ķ.
ʽ, ʽͼ, ж.
ͽȺ, С 255 Ⱥݿ, ȺԪ, ʹ GAP.
ԭʽ, ԭʽ.
ʽ, Fp ϲԼʽĽ.
ûȺ, GAP ûȺ: ԳơǨԭ.
, Ԫصļ.
OEF , һصϰ.
OEF 䳤, ڱ䳤һϰ.
OEF RSA, һ RSA ϵͳϰ.
Huffman, ʷֲʹѸѵ.
Hamming , ڸ Hamming ҳ.
ͼν, αмܵͼ.
, þ뺬дϢ.
OEF , һϰ.
, ķ, ֮.
OEF ػ, һڶػֵϰ.
OEF ݶ, һݶȵϰ.
OEF , һڶϰ.
΢ַλͼ, ʶ΢ַλͼ.
Fourier չ, Fourier չͼ̽.
OEF ӳ, һ޼֮ӳϰ.
OEF ҽ, ڱҪϰ.
OEF е, й߼ʵϰ.
, 꺯ͼλ, Ҫ java.
, ʹһм.
OEF , һͶӰ;ϰ.
ѡ, ݷ̱ Lissajous ߻֮.
ֱƽཻ, ֱ߻ƽཻ֮.
, ҳߵѱƽ.
, һиֳȵ.
޻ı任, z/nZüӷͳ˷任.
, ʣıϰ.
ɳԱ, ɳԵıϰ.
OEF , һ gcd lcm ϰ.
OEF ֽ, һʽֽijϰ.
OEF ͬ, Z/nZ ϵһϰ.
ͬ, һΪͬϵĻ.
ʴ, ڻֵij.
OEF ΢ַ, һڳȳ΢̵ַϰ.
OEF , ޼.
OEF , һʵϰ.
OEF , һںֵϰ.
OEF , һڵֵӦõϰ.
OEF λ, һڵּӦõϰ.
OEF , һڵֵϰ (ۼ).
Newton , Newton-Raphson 㷨溯ֵ͵.
ֵӦ, ҳн絼ĺĽ.
ʹֶκ, Ѻʹڵ΢.
ϵͼ, ֶ֪ͼ y=f(x), f(x)=f(y) ͼ.
΢ַͼ, ͨͼʶԳ΢̵ַĽ.
ԭͼ, ʶԭ()ͼ.
ͼ, ֪ͼ, Ҫ󻭳ͼ. Ҫ java.
һ, ݲϢԼҳ.
Է, ⽨Է.
ȷֽ, һֽȾij˻.
ʽʴ, ڶʽij.
ռʴ, ռij.
ʽʴ, ھʽij.
OEFӿռ䶨, һӿռ䶨ϰ.
ӿռϰ, һйӿռϰ.
ʽϰ, һйطʽϰ.
, Ի任µ.
Ի, ͨʵõϢ.
Ӹʽ, λȷʽ.
̶, ҳ任Ĺ̶.
Ӽͼ, ͨͼʶӼ.
OEF , һڳȸʵϰ.
OEF ռķ, ռֱߡƽ桢ķ.
OEF 溯, һ˫ʵ溯ϰ.
OEF , ڻѧϰ.
OEF , һڵϰ.
OEF , һйطǺϰ.
ͼ˷, f g ͼʶ f(x)g(x) ȵͼ.
ͼⲻʽ 2D, ʶ𲻵ʽƽ.
ͼֵ, f(x) ͼʶ f(|x|) ͼε.
½Ƶ, ½ĻƵϰ.
OEF 3ά, 3άһϰ.
OEF 2ά, 2άһϰ.
OEF ʽ, ʵϵʽһϰ.
OEF Է, һԷϰ.
OEF , һڸϰ.
OEF , һϵֵϰ.
ƽ, ƽȵλ.
ƽ, ƽ, Ҫ java.
, ƽϻ, Ҫ java / javascript.
߽, ߵĽ.
OEF ƽֱ, һƽֱ߼䷽̵ϰ.
ͼ, һͼһͼ.
OEF , ΢ϰ.
, ͼҳӦҺ.
ʴ, ڸij.
: ȷ, java ȷǺȷı.
Բ, εԲ, Ҫ java.
뼶(ѧ4꼶), 뼶.
ʽ, Ըıȷʽ.
ʽƵ 0, ʽĻƵϰ, Ƶ.
ͶӰ, ijϵͶӰֽ.
OEF , εϰ.
ֵʽ, һʽʹ, Ϸϰ.
OEF , һڳϰ.
OEF , һйطϰ.
OEF , ϰ (, зŵ).
ͼ, ڼͼ.
, ֪.
, ӷ˷
OEF ʱ, һʶʱӵϰ.
ݵ, йطݵϰ.

WIMS ʶ, ҳʾ.
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