Ray 3D

This module draws a raytraced image of a parametric equation

{x= x(u,v) y= y(u,v) z= z(u,v)
using Povray. Povray is free software and can be downloaded from http://www.povray.org

Unlike the tool Polyray, this module can draw all kinds of smooth surfaces, not only polynomials. However, since it uses phong shading to smoothen the image, it is not as accurate, but the result will still be quite attractive. Compared with the tool Animated drawing, this module gives smooth surfaces instead of patch grids, at the cost of a little more time for rendering.

If you find it difficult to adjust the following parameters well, click here for some examples.

The surfaces are plotted in a left-handed coordinate system, so they are really the mirror images of the usual surfaces in a right-handed coordinate system. However, for many symmetric surfaces, this makes no difference. If you do want to see the surfaces in a right-handed coordinate system, transform them by yourself.

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